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"Half The Time"

Music and arrangements by Ettore Poggipollini.
Lyrics by Andrea Zey.
Performed by Andrea Zey.
Produced by Ettore Poggipollini.

Ettore Poggipollini: Backing vocals | Classical and acoustic guitars | Piano, keyboards and synthesizers | Tibetan Wind Chimes | Recording and editing | Covers and graphics | Website creation and design | Artistic and executive producer.

Andrea Zey: Vocals.

Christophe Weiss: Electric guitar.

Ernie Parsons: Bass.

Raymond A. Prete III: Drum.

Cover and graphics by Ettore Poggipollini.

Foto on the inside cover by Carlos Neves, expert in egg sculpture and rock balacing.

Andrea Zey

Ettore Poggipollini

Christophe Weiss

Raymond A. Prete III

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